SiteGround Webhosting Packages and Features

SiteGround is known to be the greatest, consistent, safe and fast web hosting company.  It’s the only reason why many have chosen them over the other well-known brands.


The company started in 2004, founded by a number of intelligent young university friends namely Tenko Nikolov as the brain, Reneta Tsankova, the soul giver and Nikolay Todorov as the overall tech magician. The incredible skills and desire of these three made SiteGround the best web hosting provider.

They are currently located in Panama City; they also have three strategic data in three areas specifically in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. They have given their clients the chance to choose the nearest place to host their website. The company’s goal is to be one of the top webhosting company in the industry. As of today, the company now have millions of happy customers and host over thousands and thousands of domains around the globe and still continue to grow. Just recently, they have been endorsed on the Google blog for having the modern hosting tools.

Webhosting Packages and Features

Shared Hosting Plans:

Startup plan is intended for novice businessmen. It is compatible with standard traffic website. Price starts at $3.95 a month.

Grow big plan is mainly designed to those businessmen who want to host several website in just one account. Price starts at $7.95 a month.

Go Geek plan is intended to improve the performance of your website.  This plan is designed for business with resource-intensive website. Price starts at $14.95 a month. siteground

Cloud Hosting Plans

The company’s cloud plans are transforming with advanced server monitoring. They are also providing optimizations and auto updates for Joomla and WordPress applications. They also provide a fully managed hosting service that contains a 24/7 best customer support.

Cloud hosting features includes: daily backup, content storage and advanced monitoring for consistency, Joomla optimization, universal data centers and boost performance option for speed and a 24/7 customer support, fully managed hosting service for easy management.

Dedicated Servers

Their dedicated servers are totally hassle-free. They also do the whole management process for their clients. In addition, they offer many of the highly advanced exclusive software to boost the server performance and give more functionality than anybody.


  • Proven and tested webhosting provider
  • Offers real and unbiased uptime server of 99.9%
  • Have limited websites for one account without slowing down
  • Protect everyone’s website from spams, viruses and etc.
  • Have friendly, intelligent, well-trained and approachable customer support representatives. They can resolve your problem in just a snap. They can handle the client’s entire problem.
  • Flexible webhosting features
  • High-speed hosting
  • Global data centers: Chicago, Netherlands, Europe, and in Asia.

Siteground offers many realistic and affordable plans. You just need to choose the best plan for your websites.

Digital Ocean among the Best Web Hosting Company

At this point, DigitalOcean is known to be among the best hosting providers. With a low-cost price range, what DigitalOcean offered to us is awesome: hosting plans with powerful VPS server. You can begin for just $5/month with 512MB of memory, 20GB SSD disk, 1 Core CPU, and 1TB bandwidth.

DigitalOcean is an innovative VPS services. It is really a groundbreaking fresh web hosting business. They offer affordable, fast, trustworthy servers beginning at just $5 a month. This instance will presume you’re utilizing a DigitalOcean droplet.  digital ocean

Skilled webmasters usually use VPS hosting, even devote server rather than making use of regular shared host. Before, price for VPS investment is fairly highly-priced, but this time, with only 5$/month. You’ll be able to own VPS hosting plan 1 for a good amount of website with DigitalOcean.

Benefits of DigitalOcean

  • Good deal: The provider is a company that provides the cheapest VPS hosting
  • Prepaid
  • High-speed hard drive SSD
  • Security login through mobile phone.
  • Plenty of data center in different locations: because of this, the grade of speed is fantastic.
  • Good assistance center: the majority of my concerns are resolved immediately
  • Abundant marketing programs: DigitalOcean free $5, $10, $15, $20 credit could be added to your account. It may reach to $50 in Black Friday.
  • There is already DNS management – for many domains.

DigitalOcean is well-known as the simplest open cloud VPS hosting which is based in the US. Currently, if you signup for an account, you might get $10 to $20 free credits with promo code meaning a 2 month or 4 month free VPS hosting when you buy a $5 VPS plan.

Furthermore, after sale – services are incredibly professional, the customer support responses quickly and enthusiastic. And no need to be concerned about payment method because you can easily use PayPal to pay.

They release an aggressive SSD – based Virtual Servers. The promo code is incredibly useful for anybody who wants to find a good hosting or server provider. For $10 free credit, you may use DigitalOcean service for around 2 months. Keep in mind that to make use of the promo code immediately after registering to acquire the credit.

Digital Ocean promo only allows one promo code per account, so if you’ve redeemed one in the past you may not add another. Please visit your billing page to see your promo code history.

How Many Types Of Web Hosts Are Available For You?

Types of Web HostingTo date, there are four types of web hosts which are different from each other in terms of features and prices. Let’s take a look at your options for web hosting:

Affordable hosting:

This kind of web hosting is called shared hosting that offers a good amount of features at a wide variety of pricing plans. You may need to pay as little as just a few dollars to as much as $20 each month. With a decent collection of modern technology, this type of web hosting is ideal for starter sites or personal sites.

Medium-level web hosting:

This kind of hosting is ideal for small to midsize organizations. Starting price for this web hosting can be as low as $50 each month. This higher-end shared hosting can also cost as much as $500 per month. You can choose from virtual to dedicated server packages. The dedicated server plans is usually a single virtual or physical server.

Managed or enterprise-level hosting:

This kind of hosting is the most expensive and sophisticated hosting services. Starting from a few hundreds of bucks for a month, enterprise-level hosting plans can cost up to several thousands of dollars. Some businesses tend to entirely externalize their infrastructure. Those companies may need to spend even more. Under an enterprise-level hosting plan, the provider arranges the equipment, and the only thing that the client business has to do is pay a particular amount of monthly charge.


In this type, all the hardware belongs to you but you have them kept under the supervision of a third-party. To ensure that you can access your hardware, a dedicated cage can be offered. Also, you can also cooperate with your service provider to maintain the equipment. Some providers will handle the data center only. The job of service providers with this type of service is to handle the internet connection, power and building.

Cloud hosting:

This is very up-to-date type of hosting service which is popularly called cloud computing that uses an entirely different model to provide resources. The cost is calculated on the basis of per gigabyte of disk space.

While the above types of hosting services are available, you should stay focused on your budget, and most importantly demands.

What Are Your Top Considerations Before Buying A Web Host?

Nowadays, a lot of web hosting service providers are offering web hosts which feature large bandwidth limit, huge space and handful of features. These web hosts are further complemented with 24*7*365 live support and attractive discounts. With a single search on Google, you will get access to a lot of web host companies which sound similar in terms of offerings and pricing. So, you have every chance to be up and doing to buy services from a less-than-good provider. But, a few major considerations can save you from making mistakes when choosing the bets web host as well as the company.


Let’s get acquainted with the most crucial facts about web hosts.

What are the best features?

Following are some of the most important questions which you should ask your service provider before originally buying their services:

  • What kind of technologies are they capable of supporting?
  • What technologies are they expert in?
  • How much they have for the limits of Application Pool memory?
  • What about the Auto-responders?
  • What are the Bandwidth options?
  • What about the Control panel?
  • Do their web hosts deploy the up-to-date version of the .NET Framework?
  • Do they charge for additional services and how much?
  • Do they offer Custom DLLs or packages?
  • Do they provide Email support?
  • Do they have any Reseller programs?
  • What about the Sub-domains?
  • Can they handle Web statistics?

While you must focus on your budget, you should not just look for cheaper options because cheaper options may make big promises, but the end result may not add right value to your money. By asking the following questions about the features of web hosts provided by a company, you can make a good start with your search for a reliable web hosting service provider.

“Don’t forget to ask a company about the Security matter”

As with all businesses out in the market, there might be some specific security needs associated with your business. So, you must check this factor with caution.

  • Does your business site require proper PCI compliance?
  • Is it essential for your site to be HIPAA compliant?
  • Does your site require Sarbanes-Oxley?
  • Is the web host of your potential service provider SAS 70 compliant?
  • Does the web host deploy latest service packs and apply up-to-date security patches?
  • Does the host have the intrusion detection system or IDS already implemented?
  • How does the company handle Distributed Denial of Service or DDoS attacks?

These questions will ensure if a web host is going to be able to meet your unique security demands.

“Figure out the host size”

It is advised that you do not get hooked in the idea that the bigger the size of a web host is, the better it is. When evaluating a web host, you should evaluate the following things first:

  • The actual numbers of domains
  • The approximate number of customers
  • The turnover rate

An affordable or low-cost web host typically targets signing up more potential customers than they lose. This is the way they measure their success. On the contrary, larger hosts usually target high-quality services. So, they typically shoot for business relationships for an extended period of time.

The way a web hosting provider deploys its equipment and the number of available data centers can also be some important ways to measure the size of a host. If you find that a web hot provider has only a single data center to keep all its equipment, you should avoid doing business with them because they might have some issues in future.

What are the bandwidth limits?

It is important to know your bandwidth limits, so you can avoid paying overage charges. Each web host handles data transfer or bandwidth differently. The type of content that your website has will help you decide to go for the limit of bandwidth for your site. If your website has features like streaming music and videos, the amount will increase quickly. If your website is full of static pages or it is a database-driven website, you do not need to purchase that much bandwidth. You must decide whether your site will store a large number of files or it will only be database-driven. These two factors will determine the disk space. Also, you must ensure that your web host meets your needs if your website experiences consistent growth of content.

You should also be careful of memory limits or application pool if you have to use shared hosting that can radically limit the amount of memory your website uses. In the event of an exceeded limit, chances are that the host has restricted the availability of recycles. Be aware of this fact because it can leave a crucial impact on the performance of your website.